Lost Pets

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Lost Pets – 12/30/2015

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Contact Name: Robin Krivesti
Contact Info: krivesti@ohio.edu (740)590-1965
Date: 12/30/2015
Description: Young (3 yrs) RED TICK HOUND lost in Shade area.. He’s about 60-65 lbs. His name is Red.

Lost Pets – 04/06/2015

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Contact Name: Emily McKnelly
Contact Info: emilymcknelly@yahoo.com (740)975-9736
Date: 04/06/2015
Description: Shelby is a 4 month old yorkie -poo. Black and tan long straight hair. She is about 5-6 pounds. Very hyper and hops around constantly. Not shy of strangers. Licks and loves always. She is my 10 y/o sons partner.

Please help me get to my family. Call immediately if found. lost near Everett ave newark.

Lost Pets – 06/29/2015

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Contact Name: Sierra Cooper
Contact Info: scooper429@hotmail.com (740)409-2786
Date: 06/29/2015
Description: Female: 9 months, brown/reddish, white on face and chest. Pink collar with tags. Name is Nova
Male: 7 months, blue/gray, white on chin and chest, blue collar, name is Zeus. Last seen off 204 towards Glenford outside of Thornville, Oh.