Feline Feng Shui

Anyone with multiple cats knows it’s not a picnic. We generally consider a harmonious multi-cat household as one in which all cats maintain an appropriate distance from each other and can tolerate each other when congregated around shared bowls, playing Continue reading →

Food is Love

Food is Love We’ve all had that moment of weakness. Your cat reaches over to tap your plate. Your dog watches you with sad, soulful eyes. How many of us have looked at our irresistible beggars and said, just one Continue reading →

April Blog Post 2019

Lyme Disease   Lyme disease is on the rise in the eastern United States. This is not only a concern for pets, but for humans too. Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia that is transmitted via the Continue reading →

December Blog 2018

Gift ideas for your pet this year!   We all want to get our pets something special for Christmas. You know, shove a big bone in their stocking for them to “open” on Christmas morning.  However bones aren’t always safe Continue reading →

August 2018 Blog Post

August 30th is National Holistic Pet Day! I thought today I would spend some time talking to you guys about some holistic health care measures. Holistic therapies are great in conjunction with your pet’s regular health care. Most of them Continue reading →

July Blog Post

What the Word “Rescue” Means to Me I spend a lot of time seeing sad situations. Owners crying over their best friend of 14 years, parents explaining to children why their kitty won’t be coming home, people whose loved ones Continue reading →