Tis’ the season for Pancreatitis, Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Chocolate Toxicities said every veterinary medical staff member..

That’s right guys! The season is upon us when your cousin Billy (Twice removed) feeds your 13 year old poodle way to much of Christmas dinner and she starts throwing up all over the house. So how do we avoid this struggle altogether? Let me help you out!

Step 1) Put Fluffy in other room while family is over. I know it sucks but if you can’t trust cousin Billy with your beloved poodle baby, I mean, who can you trust? After all, even you have trouble resisting Fluffy’s requests for sweet potato casserole.

Step 2) If Fluffy gets into something he or she shouldn’t, don’t panic or “Dr. Google” it. It’s only going to freak you out more, I promise. Call the Vet and we would be more than happy to offer a helping hand.

Step 3) Don’t overfeed your pet with yummy treats! (AKA people food and drinks.) Alcohol may leave us feeling pretty sick the next day but it can cause permanent damage to your pet. Table scraps in animal amounts may be fine, but too much can lead to Pancreatitis or Clostridial Overgrowth in pets. No one wants to spend the holidays at the vet because Fluffy ate too much ham. Avoid grapes, wine, chocolate, ham, gravy, onions, and garlic. Things that you may offer Fluffy instead are baby carrots, broccoli, Cherrios, a canned food version of the food they currently eat, small amounts of turkey, or a small amount of yams.

Step 4) DO NOT put tinsel on the tree. Your cat will eat it and madness will ensue. Honestly though, cats really enjoy eating ANYTHING that sparkles so bare that in mind whilst decorating your threshold.

Step 5) Ensure you water the tree! I mean, duh right? But what I mean to say is make sure your kitties and small dogs aren’t drinking all of the water from your tree. Check it daily! Dehydrated tress can catch fire. And I’m sure thats not the type of open fire you had in mind to roast chestnuts.

Step 6) Don’t leave pets outside for too long! Frostbite and hypothermia can affect your pet even though they have a furry coat. Be considerate of your outdoor pets and allow ample dry shelter for them or a toasty garage bed if you’re able. Pinterest has plenty of ideas for easy outdoor shelter for the stray kitties you may have been feeding.

Step 7) Make sure your pets go to bed nice and early on Christmas Eve so Santa Paws will come and fill their stockings full of wonderful treats!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Vet Tech

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