In honor of the first week of June being Pet Appreciation Week, today I bring to you a list of reasons why I appreciate my pets, in poem form.

To my dogs,

My little bed hogs,

I love waking to your

Paws and your kisses.


To my cats,

Who never catch rats,

I appreciate your ability

To nap, endlessly.


To my chickens,

Who scream like the dickens,

Whenever I walk over,

To feed you clover,

You make my day,

When you say “Hi” to me.


To my horses,

Who always join forces,

To run from me,

What a sight to see,


Chasing you.


To my rabbit,

Who is in the habit,

Of spilling your water,

Who, I ask, may have taught her

To spill said water.

Why me, it’s true,

I thought it was cute.


To my fish,

To you, I wish,

That you stay beautiful,

To look at each day.


And lastly, Miss Doris,

Our clinic pet, Doris,

We all would let,

You eat all our snacks. 

In Summation,

An ode of my appreciation,

To all our pets,

& until the end

Our best friends.

Thanks for reading! Your friendly Neighborhood Vet Tech, RVT, CVJ

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