Computed Tomography (CT SCAN)

CT utilizes the similar technology as X-rays to form images, but provides much more detail than conventional x-rays. The main advantage of CT over X-rays is that it allows us to look at the body in cross-sections with higher detail and is most valuable when looking at bony structures and soft tissues. CT images are sometimes enhanced with the use of IV contrast agents.

While it is painless, light anesthesia is required to keep your pet completely still during the procedure. It is our top priority to have your pet as healthy as possible to make them good anesthetic candidates, and routine bloodwork and chest X-rays may be performed prior to anesthesia.

Our CT scans are reviewed by board-certified radiologists and results are typically available within 24-48 hrs and further diagnostic or treatment options can be reviewed depending on the findings of the scan.


We also use our CT machine to get a full scope of your pet’s dental health.  With traditional dental x-rays, you are only able to see a small two-dimensional view of each tooth, but with a CT scanner, you are able to see a 3-D reconstruction of the entire mouth and skull. Using CT, has revolutionized our ability to detect subtle abnormalities of the oral cavity. We can see bone loss around the teeth, detect any missing teeth evaluate tooth integrity and much more!