Why take your pet to Petplex Animal Hospital if your pet needs a CT Scan in Central Ohio?

Are you concerned that your dog might have a bad hip? Or are you worried that your cat has a toothache? Bring your pet to Petplex Animal Hospital!

Petplex has located in Central Ohio and has the ability to screen your furry friend with state-of-the-art diagnostic imagery. Computed Tomography (CT) scans give our veterinarians a three-dimensional view of your pet’s internal health. CT scans offer multiple views of the same area and distinguishes the difference between bone and soft tissue.

With CT scans we are able to diagnose hip and knee dysplasia, broken bones, torn tissues and spinal cord conditions.
X-ray machines only offer a two-dimensional view of suspected problem areas which creates the need for imaging from different angles. In one simple CT scan, we’ll be able to determine a more accurate diagnosis and develop a more specific and effective treatment plan for your pet, which can begin the same day.

We also use our machine to get a full scope of your pet’s dental health. In just eighteen seconds, a CT scan will provide information about the condition of your pet’s gums and teeth so we can address the issues immediately and directly. Using these images, our veterinarians can spot a sub-gingival dental infection that might have gone undiagnosed and untreated. We can even spot issues below the surface that could be causing your pet pain. And while we’re treating that, our staff can do a deep cleaning of your pet’s teeth and remove plaque with a safe and modern electronic ultrasonic scaling system.
If medication is needed to treat your pet’s ailment or ease their discomfort, we have a pharmacy on-site. For refills of your prescription, we partner with an online pharmacy with  a home delivery option to bring your pet’s medication right to your door!

In many cases, age is a factor in your pet’s diagnosis, so Petplex provides excellent geriatric care.
Because we understand that injuries and illnesses can happen at any time, Petplex also offers after-hours emergency medical care at our Licking County location, equipped with CT machines, surgical suite and in-house laboratory.
So for all your veterinary needs, come to Petplex… the right vet for your pet!