Is there a difference between the products that I buy on the internet or the big box stores versus what I can buy at my Vet’s office?

Dealing with fleas and ticks can be a nightmare for any pet owner. 80% of dogs and 20% of cats have allergies to these pests and it is these allergic reactions which can make our pet’s miserable… but even when our pet’s appear to be unaffected by these parasites they can still be present and can cause disease in our pets.

 Understanding what works.

In today’s world of slick marketing there are an amazing number of products out there that claim to work, from homeopathic products, to generic Frontline, to pills like Comfortis and Nexgard. Is there really a difference…. And the answer is yes! There is always a reason why some products on the internet or the Big Box Stores cost a fraction of what your vet provides…. and it is not because these stores can buy some things cheaper, because they cannot! Probably the most common reason why many products are cheaper are because they simply don’t work or work very poorly. There is little control of the claims of many products, there are many counterfeit and outdated products (especially online), and many have dangerous, even deadly side effects.

Your veterinarian is the most knowledgable resource you have to help you pick the best products for your pet, based on their needs, health, and other risk factors.  Only your veterinarian can stand behind the guarantees that these companies make about their products.

Safety, effectiveness, value… your veterinarian can provide for your pet what no one else can!