What are the benefits of having PetPlex’s mobile vet service come to my home for my pets’ checkups?

We all understand the need for going to the doctor and that is even more important for our furry friends.  Pet’s age 4-5 times faster than we do and that means that it is even more important to catch their health issues early with an annual checkup.  Unfortunately, our pet’s don’t always enjoy going to the doctor any more than their owner’s do.

Does your pet, just know when you are going to the vet?  Does their demeanor change when you are turning on to the street that your vet is on?  Traveling in a vehicle, being in a strange place, sometimes just being away from home can be stressful to our pets and getting our furry friends loaded and transported can be equally difficult for owner’s too.  Does your work schedule interfere with getting your pet to the vet or is there only one vehicle available during the day for your family?  This is where a mobile veterinary service can make your life and your pet’s more relaxing.  When you consider your time, the stress, and possibly making multiple trips with different pets this can make everyone’s day better. Pet’s tend to see a visit to the home as a relaxing experience.  Often the exam can be enhanced with treats or other rewarding behaviors to make this a welcome experience.  These visits can help to truly evaluate the health of a pet since unhealthy pets often act differently in a strange environment or may act completely normal, making it difficult to evaluate your pet’s issues.

We know that pet’s can be especially important to our older clients.  Pets are there for them 24 hours a day.  They listen to them, they provide enjoyment, love, and entertainment for our loved ones when we cannot be there for them but so often driving or getting from place to place can be challenging to the elderly.  The mobile clinic can provide a way for their pet to be examined or even transported if necessary for medical care.  We can bring medications, treats, or other health products.  We have trained, licensed professionals that can come to the house and answer the questions they have about their furry friend.

Mobile visits can be very economical too.  When you consider the value of your time, the area that you live, or if you have multiple pets, then having the mobile veterinary service come to your house makes sense.  Time is the one thing you cannot get more of, so when your demanding schedule, leaves you without enough hours in the day or if your 5 pets mean multiple trips think about an at home visit.  The last thing to consider is cost.  Often times the overhead of a mobile clinic can be much less than a local clinic and so you may find the at home visit may cost less than you think.  Call today to see if we can make your life easier.