Our dog training and behavior consults are taught by Sierra Smith R.V.T. She trains with a knowledge and understanding of canine behavior. She uses only effective positive reinforcement training. She will give you the tools and education to achieve a healthy human-animal bond that is fun and loving for you and your pet.

  • Classes are 6 weeks, same day, same time for one hour each week.
  • Classes are in a group setting or private classes are available if needed.
  • One on one consultations can be scheduled to determine your pets needs. Call to schedule an appointment.

Using Positive Reinforcement, your dog will learn:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Walk on a leash
  • Leave it
  • Greet with four on the floor
  • Fun Tricks
  • Socialization
  • And LOTS more!!!!

Puppy Class

Puppy classes are for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months. This is a great time to learn proper manners and socialization. You will gain the education needed to guide your puppy to becoming a wonderful family companion.

We will teach social skills with humans and other pets, as well as learning their name, sit, come and walk on a leash, just to name a few.

All group classes are 6 weeks, and meet same day, same time for one hour each week. No dog during first class. Current vaccinations are required for the safety and well being of everyone in the class. Please bring vaccination records from your current veterinarian.

Basic Training

Basic training is for pets over 6 months of age. You and your dog will learn positive training approaches. Pets will master sit, down, stay, loose leash walking and many other useful skills.

Prerequisite: none

Intermediate Training

This class is to build on basic commands and learn fun new tricks. More distractions, longer wait times, automatic sits, more distance from the owner are all skills used in this class. Fun tricks such as roll over, shake, high five, spinning and much more are for family fun.

Prerequisite: Basic training

Advanced 1 & 2 Training

Advanced training classes are for those pets and owners who want to achieve reliable commands off leash. These fun and rewarding classes bring the human and canine experience to top performance.

Prerequisite: Basic training and Intermediate training

Ultimate Play Agility

Ultimate Play Agility is a great way for you and your pet to play, bond and build confidence in a fun, structured manner. Jumps, tunnels, A-wall and poles are a few of the fun equipment pieces your pet will use.

Prerequisite: Basic training, Intermediate training and Advanced training 1 & 2

Canine Good Citizen

This class is preparation for the Canine Good Citizen Test. After completing this course the certification test will be administered. After achieving this certification your pet will be recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior.

Prerequisite: Basic training

Private behavior consultations are one on one with Sierra Smith R.V.T

This is a very popular service that is great for any client that is dealing with behavior problems of any kind. Excessive barking, jumping, digging, aggression or just want a much more intensive education on how to bridge the communication gap between dog and human.

Call Petplex Animal Hospital at 740-929-3300 for more information and class times.