Immunization and Wellness CareWe strive to prevent illness whenever possible. The time and effort invested in wellness care has rewards for both pets and owners. Wellness care is designed specifically for your pet that includes: comprehensive physical exams, vaccinations, intestinal parasite testing and prevention, heartworm testing and prevention, spaying and neutering, flea and tick control, and specialized blood tests for all life stages.


Microchipping – Microchips have helped reunite thousands of lost pets with their families. Microchips can also be used as a way to identify and register animals such as dogs, cats and horses to breed specific associations.




Nutritional Counseling – Some pets require special food, and all pets benefit from a balanced diet. Our trained staff is available to help you choose the right diet for your pet to keep them happy, healthy, and active. We offer several speciality food lines for conditions such as, allergies, food sensitivities, age specific diets, and many other dietary problems


Fully Stocked Pharmacy – Our pharmacy is fully stocked with a wide variety of veterinary medications to help treat any condition from nose to tail. We also have prescription shampoos, mousse, and sprays that can help with certain skin conditions. We stock some herbal and over the counter supplements, as well as an assortment of veterinary approved heartworm, flea, and tick prevention products.


Radiology – Our digital x-ray machine helps our veterinarians evaluate the inner workings of your pet. Musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems can be examined using our in-house digital x-ray equipment.




Surgery – We offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology. All patients are carefully screened for optimal surgical safety, by using pre-anesthestic bloodwork, physical exams prior to any procedure, and anesthetics protocols specifically tailored to your pet. Surgical services and facilities include: fully trained veterinary and technical staff, a specific surgical suite, extensive monitoring equipment, and use of a surgical and therapeutic laser.




Laser Surgery – Lasers are a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery. Lasers replace scalpels in many procedures, and are useful for a wide range of procedures, such as mass removals, and spay and neuter procedures. Laser procedures result in reduced pain, bleeding and, swelling. They also reduce the risk of infection, result in less post-operative discomfort, and speed recovery time.

Laser Therapy – Petplex Animal Hospital has a state of the art human grade therapy laser. We have had success using this next generation of therapy equipment with arthritis and other painful orthopedic problems. Laser therapy is utilized to enhance healing of surgical sites, traumatic skin injuries, and even deep tissue injuries. The therapy laser is also very effective at treating tissue edema and inflammation.  At Petplex we believe in continuing to stay at the forefront of technology to provide the best possible care for your pet.


Blood work – With our in house blood machines we can perform many standardized and critical care blood tests. We can perform and have your results usually within 30 minutes. We can help identify what is going on with your pet and get them feeling better as soon as possible. Bloodwork can also help us identify any potential health problems  from occurring to keep your best friend feeling happy and healthy for as long as possible.


Euthanasia Services – Saying goodbye to a beloved pet may be one of the most difficult choices you may face. We work with clients to ensure their pet’s comfort and dignity is respected during this difficult time. In addition, we offer aftercare options and cremations services.