It’s that time again! Tick season! Actually, due to our mild weather, tick season never truly left us. Our first tick of the year was plucked in January! Ticks can carry many disease, such as Lyme disease, Errhichilosis, & Anaplasmosis. These diseases can lead to fever, joint pain, and anemia or the affected pet may completely asymptomatic. These diseases may be given to your pet by ticks but your infected pet has just become the carrier! The next tick that feeds on your beloved pet will pick up the disease and spread it to it’s next “meal.” Gross, right?

We get it! We have a wide variety of tick prevention products, however, ask your technician which would work best for you! Just as there are many types of dogs, there are also many types of ticks. Not all of our prevention products will protect against every tick! Additionally, there is a Lyme Disease vaccine available if your pet is regularly exposed to the outdoors. Your technician and doctor team will be able to talk to you and decide which prevention regimen will work best for you!

When your dog is here for their annual visit, we will probably recommend a heartworm test. Our standard heartworm test includes testing for tick borne disease. As far as testing in cats, most cats do not develop tick borne diseases or show no symptoms of it but if your doctor suspects it, we may recommend sending off bloodwork to the lab to evaluate results.

In short, prevention is always the key to prevent any disease. In an effort to better your pet’s life, prevention products are needed to ensure your pet’s year round health. Don’t just stop prevention because it’s winter. As you’ve seen this year, sometimes winter isn’t actually “winter-esk.” Ticks thrive in these temperature, is it worth the risk? Stop by and ask us how to protect your pet!


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